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Importance of right moral upbringing from the start

Raising children and turning them into good human beings is not a game, neither is it everyone’s cup of tea. We all need a little bit of guidance, and every parent relies upon someone, either their own parents or mentors when things get tight, and routine gets tiresome. This book while it is written to be read to toddlers; the real message is how to improve grandparents and parents’ relationships with their kids. It can be a real guide for new parents if they want to learn the messages conveyed beautifully and seamlessly through the family in this book. 

Having children is joyful. It is a blessing but at the same time it is also a huge responsibility especially when it comes to the right moral upbringing. It can be said that “the difference between upbringing and the right nurturing is what makes children good human beings.”

Some life lessons for parents in this book include teaching their children the meaningful concepts of caring, sharing, and friendship, which are the essence of life and make life a thousand times better and easier. One most important thing that parents, especially new parents of this generation often do is ignore the abusive or negative behavior of their child thinking the kid will learn with time as they grow up. But the main problem parents ignore is, with time this attitude becomes their habit, and habits cannot be easy to leave behind especially when they are practicing these habits from their early childhood. 

Additionally, children maximize learning in their first 3 years of life because at that time their mind is like a blank page of paper. Once written it is very hard to erase. 

Other concepts of sharing and caring should be taught to children right from the start because these important and meaningful concepts are the essence of life. Parents nowadays are so busy in their lives, working around the clock and always available on their cell phones, that less attention can be an issue in raising little ones. We all know that raising children entails helping in their general development from the beginning, as well as preparing them for the future. What they are today is a blueprint for how good they are going to be in the future. 

Moreover, the book can provide the guidance as well as the time to bond with your children where you can teach them the lessons of life in an open and friendly way. There is no better way than reading to the little ones for grandparents and parents to discuss real feelings and how to live a good life.

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