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What Parents & Grandparents can do with Kids This Summer

As school comes to an end, we can predict that our greatest generation ever of kids will be gravitating to their iPads and cell phones for entertainment. It is up to every parent and grandparent to offset this natural tendency with memorable activities to help their kids grow. Are you wondering what to do with the kids this summer? Let’s look at some exciting and engaging activities that will keep your little ones connected throughout their vacation. From outdoor adventures to creative projects and educational pursuits, activities should not only entertain but promote their mental and physical development. Get ready for a summer filled with laughter, learning, and precious family moments!

Explore Nature’s Wonderland

What better way to spend the summer than immersing your kids in the wonders of nature? Encourage their curiosity and let them explore the great outdoors with these exciting activities:

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for your kids to find in your backyard or a nearby park. From pinecones to ladybugs, this game will keep them engaged and entertained.
  2. Campfire Adventures: Spend an evening under the stars, roasting marshmallows and telling stories around a cozy campfire. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond and create lasting memories.
  3. Hiking Excursions: Take your kids on a scenic hike, exploring trails and discovering hidden treasures in nature. Don’t forget to pack snacks and water to keep them energized!
  4. Bird Watching: Grab a pair of binoculars and a bird identification book and set out on a bird-watching adventure. Your little ones will be amazed by the colorful feathers and melodious songs of our feathered friends.

Ignite Their Creativity

Nurture your child’s imagination & creativity by engaging them in various artistic endeavors. These activities will help them express themselves and develop their creative skills:

  1. Arts and Crafts Station: Set up a dedicated arts and crafts area with supplies like colored paper, paints, glue, scissors, and markers. Encourage your kids to create masterpieces, from handmade cards to unique sculptures.
  2. DIY Projects: Engage your little ones in do-it-yourself projects like building a birdhouse, designing a photo frame, or creating personalized jewelry. They will love the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with completing their own creations.
  3. Dress-up and Role Play: Gather a collection of costumes and accessories to inspire imaginative play. Let your kids dress up as their favorite characters and encourage them to create stories and act out scenes.
  4. Art Exhibitions: Organize a mini art exhibition at home where your kids can display their artwork. Invite friends and family to admire their creations, fostering a sense of pride and boosting their confidence.
  5. Movie and Game Nights: Plan special movie or game nights. Choose age-appropriate movies or engage in fun family-friendly games. Create a cozy atmosphere with blankets, popcorn, and snacks for a memorable indoor bonding experience.
  6. Indoor camps and workshops: Look for local indoor camps and workshops that cater to the children’s interests with activities such as arts, sports, music, theater, science, swimming, etc.

Embark on a Culinary Adventure

Turn your kitchen into a culinary playground & create a delicious adventure with your kids. These cooking activities will not only teach them valuable skills but also satisfy their taste buds:

  1. Baking Extravaganza: Whip up a batch of cookies, cupcakes, or a homemade pizza. Let your kids get involved in every step, from measuring ingredients to decorating the final product.
  2. Smoothie Creations: Encourage healthy eating habits by letting your kids experiment with various fruits and vegetables to create their own nutritious smoothie recipes. They’ll have a blast blending different flavors together.
  3. Picnic Preparations: Plan a picnic and involve your kids in preparing the picnic basket. Ask them to help pack sandwiches, fruits, and snacks. It’s a fun way to teach them about planning and organization.
  4. International Cuisine: Introduce your kids to different cultures by cooking meals from around the world. Explore recipes from Italy, Mexico, India, or any other country that piques their interest.

Unleash the Sports Enthusiast

If your kids have boundless energy and love staying active, indulge their sports enthusiasm with these exciting activities:

  1. Backyard Olympics: Create a mini-Olympic game in your backyard. Set up stations for various events such as sprinting, long jump, hula hooping, and obstacle courses. Award medals and celebrate their achievements.
  2. Family Sports Day: Organize a friendly competition among family members, playing games like soccer, basketball, or volleyball. It’s a fantastic way to strengthen family bonds while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
  3. Swimming Adventures: Whether it’s a visit to the local pool or a day at the beach, swimming offers endless fun for kids. Teach them basic swimming skills, play pool games, or simply splash around and enjoy the water.
  4. Bike Rides: Take your kids on bike rides, exploring local parks or trails. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, improve their balance, and discover new places together.

Dive into Water Fun

Summer and water activities go hand in hand. Cool off and make a splash with these enjoyable water-based adventures:

  1. Water Balloon Fights: Fill up water balloons and let the ultimate water balloon fight begin. It’s a refreshing way to beat the heat and engage in friendly competition with your kids.
  2. DIY Slip ‘n Slide: Create your own slip ‘n slide using a tarp, water, and mild soap. Set it up in your backyard and watch your kids slide and glide with laughter and excitement.
  3. Visit a Water Park: Spend a day at a local water park, where your kids can enjoy thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and splash pads. It’s guaranteed to be a day filled with endless fun and laughter.
  4. Water Sports: Introduce your kids to water sports like paddleboarding, kayaking, or even surfing, depending on your location. They’ll have a blast exploring new activities and building their water skills.

Discover the World Through Books

Books can transport us to different worlds and ignite our imagination. Encourage your kids to embark on literary journeys with these reading activities:

  1. Summer Reading Challenge: Create a reading challenge for your kids, setting goals and rewards for completing a certain number of books. Visit the library together to discover new titles and genres.
  2. Book Club: Organize a book club for your kids and their friends. Choose a book each month and set a date for a discussion and activities related to the story. It’s a great way to encourage reading and social interaction.
  3. Outdoor Reading Nooks: Create cozy outdoor reading nooks where your kids can enjoy their favorite books surrounded by nature. Set up blankets, cushions, and a shade umbrella for a relaxing and immersive reading experience.
  4. Writing and Illustrating Stories: Encourage your kids to write and illustrate their own stories. Provide them with blank notebooks or journals and let their creativity flow. They can share their stories with family and friends, or even create a mini book.

Engage in Arts and Crafts

Unleash your kids’ artistic side with engaging arts and crafts activities that will keep them entertained and allow their creativity to flourish:

  1. DIY Science Experiments: Combine art and science by conducting simple experiments at home. Create homemade volcanoes, make slime, or grow crystals. It’s a fun and educational way to spark curiosity. These STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) helps create innovation, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that can translate back in school.
  2. Puppet Theater: Help your kids create their own puppet theater using old socks, cardboard, and fabric. Encourage them to write scripts, design puppets, and put on entertaining shows for the whole family.
  3. Origami Adventures: Teach your kids the art of origami by folding paper into various shapes and figures. Start with simple designs and gradually progress to more complex ones. It’s a calming and rewarding activity.
  4. Tie-Dye Fun: Set up a tie-dye station in your backyard and let your kids transform plain white t-shirts or tote bags into vibrant works of art. The colorful patterns they create will be unique and eye-catching.

Take a Trip Back in Time

Transport your kids to different eras and teach them about history with these engaging activities that bring the past to life:

  1. Visit Historical Sites: Plan visits to local historical sites or museums that offer interactive exhibits for kids. It’s a hands-on way for them to learn about significant events and figures from the past.
  2. Historical Dress-Up: Organize a dress-up day where your kids can choose costumes representing different time periods. Encourage them to research and learn about the fashion and lifestyle of those eras.
  3. Family Tree Project: Engage your kids in researching and creating a family tree. Explore their ancestry together and discuss the stories of their ancestors. It’s a wonderful way to connect them to their heritage.
  4. Historical Crafts: Introduce your kids to traditional crafts from different time periods. They can try their hand at making candles, weaving, pottery, or even creating their own ancient artifacts using clay or papier-mâché.

Sow the Seeds of Gardening

Teach your kids the joys of gardening and the importance of nurturing living things with these hands-on gardening activities:

  1. Plant a Vegetable Garden: Involve your kids in planning and planting a vegetable garden. Let them choose their favorite vegetables and guide them through the process of preparing the soil, sowing seeds, and caring for the plants.
  2. Fairy Garden: Create a magical fairy garden together. Use small plants, miniature accessories, and their imagination to design an enchanting world for fairies and other magical creatures.
  3. Nature Journaling: Encourage your kids to keep a nature journal, where they can document the growth of plants, draw pictures of insects and birds, and write about their observations and experiences in the garden.
  4. Plant Pressing: Teach your kids the art of plant pressing. Take them on nature walks to collect flowers and leaves, and then show them how to preserve and display their findings in a beautifully pressed flower book.

Get Your Groove On

Let your kids unleash their inner dancers and musicians with these fun and energetic activities that will get them grooving to the beat:

  1. Dance Party: Clear out a space in your living room and host a dance party for your kids. Create a playlist with their favorite songs and dance along with them. Encourage them to choreograph their own dance routines.
  2. Musical Instrument Exploration: Introduce your kids to different musical instruments. Visit a music store or watch online tutorials to learn about basic techniques and let them try playing different instruments to find their favorites.
  3. Karaoke Night: Set up a karaoke machine or use an online karaoke platform and have a family karaoke night. Sing along to popular songs and let your kids take turns showcasing their vocal talents.
  4. Outdoor Concert: Organize a neighborhood concert where your kids can perform for friends and family. Set up a stage area in your backyard, provide musical instruments, and let them showcase their musical skills.

Summer break is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with your kids and grandchildren while creating lifetime memories. Engaging children in various activities during this time not only keeps them entertained, but also promotes their development both physically and mentally. From outdoor adventures to educational pursuits, take advantage of your time together to cement the bonding between the generations.

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