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What Are Parents’​ Responsibilities in Today’s World?

In today’s world of instant information, uncertainty, cruelty, and differences in ideas, what is the true role of parents? Obviously, parents provide their children with food, clothing, and a place to live. They also are to provide financial support, medical care, and the opportunity to receive an education. And they are to protect their children from harm and provide them with a safe environment which includes supervision and control of any situation.

Because parents are the most influential people for our children, they have more power to bring the good qualities needed in our daily lives. Traits all parents should strive to instill in kids include but are not limited to:

·        Honesty

·      Responsibility

·        Kindness

·        Independence

·        Respect

·        Positive thinking

·        Creativity

·        Healthy eating & exercise

·        Success that can be learned from failure

·        How to have fun

So, the real question becomes, in today’s hectic world, how can a parent juggle everything to even come close to instilling these traits into this newest generation? Is it even possible to raise a “normal” kid with everything going on in this country and the world?

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With the events our kids are facing, and the constant media attention given to the evil in this world, parents today have got to be focused on the mental health of children, and we have to reinforce the basics learned throughout the generations. One way is to make sure each child has chores assigned, which teaches life lessons as well as having kids understand their role in the home. Making kids feel appreciated for achieving their chores, helps kids understand other people’s needs, and creates a strong connection with the family. Doing chores teaches our kids:

·        Responsibility

·        Self confidence

·        Time management

·        Work ethic

·        Structure and routine

Another way we can focus on raising good kids is to never lose site that we are the role models, where they reflect just about everything we do. If we spend a lot of time on our screens or watching TV, our children will spend a lot of time on their screens and watching TV. If we spend time reading, they will spend time reading. If we are active outdoors, they will be active outdoors. Children learn more with our actions- so if we are polite and good role models, they will grow up to be polite and a good role model. Instilling confidence in our children by being more encouraging and helping to motivate the kid’s strengths, interests and good qualities is a task we should all be practicing every day. We know that constant criticism can deprive children of their self esteem and can really leave deep scars demoralizing their wants and needs to succeed.

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More than ever, parents must be the role model our kids most admire, to get us through these troubling times. On the matter of parenting, America cannot be separated by political ideology. We want all of our kids to grow up in a safe and secure United States. Positively changing the life of one child, will change the world for the better. This I hope the entire country can embrace.

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