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How To Play With Your Toddlers?

Where parents’ to-do list has many tasks, there “how to play with your toddlers” is ignored most of the time. But, parents should know that play is very important for their kid’s mental and health development. Playing with your kids may also reduce the stress of the day. In this case, it is just a win-win. So, learn how to play with your toddlers and preschoolers. 

Here are the best ways to have fun with your kids at their developing age. 

How to play with your toddlers?

Stay close at hand: Toddlers develop their interests and become more independent at this stage. With independence, they may become frustrated, too, so your presence close to them is necessary. Parents should stay cool and drive their kid’s emotions to the constructive channel in this situation. Your kids might show off any developed skill to you, which can promote your kid’s trust. 

Puzzle games that can develop their problem-solving abilities: You can develop motor cleverness and problem-solving abilities in your toddler with large chunky pieces puzzles. You can guide them playing first to show how it is done. After you, let them do this themselves and don’t interrupt them. If you see their frustration starting, then jump in to help. You can also use building blocks puzzle games that help develop fine motor skills. 

Get up & go: At the stage when your kid starts walking, let them have some physical activities. For example, you can make them kick a ball back and forth. You can even turn music on and start dancing with them, just like a dance party. Such activities will develop their physique. Moreover, they will learn to do co-operation, apply rules, and negotiate with such activities. 

Develop their curiosity: Now is the time that comes when you should make your toddlers stick with their activities for a longer time. For example, if you are on a beach with your family and your kid is playing with a car in the sand, you might drag your foot in the sand to teach them how to make a road for the car. In this way, you help your toddlers extend their play and become curious and busy learners. 

Let them imitate you: one of the most loving activities of toddlers is to copy you. So, whenever you are busy gardening, give them some digging tools. Or you can set up a scene in your kitchen where your kid can play alongside you when you are cooking something. In this way, they will learn a positive approach towards work with their own hands. 

Let your toddlers lead: In creative play, let your kid take charge. In this way, they will learn the rules of leadership. It will help them understand that you value their ideology. However, if they get stuck in their activity and ask you for any hints, it is all right if you propose a few options for their help.

Play Picasso: Grip some flabby colored chalks and colored papers and sketch their hands. On the other hand, let them trace your hands too. Then color them mutually. Any drawing or coloring can make them strong with their hands and improve their fine motor skill. You can also let them develop a masterpiece and explain to you all about that. 

Come down on their level: Your toddlers want you to understand them and take an interest in their different activities. Toddlers can get truly into the matters they like to perform at this age. So, give them time and let them know that you understand your kid.

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