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How Can We Inculcate Good Manners in Kids?

A child is an uncut diamond”, Austin O’Malley said. A child is a black canvas and knows nothing about worldly affairs. His parents and grandparents teach him about morals and manners to sail through this life. He does not follow their commands or words but imitates what they practically do.

Parents and grandparents need to teach him all the good manners and basic rules of life to be a good person and their good representation. Kindness, empathy, and politeness should be the core lessons.

Parents and grandparents should develop good communication with their kids to learn to express their feelings in the right way. They should tell them the essence of life to help others and make this world a better place to live. This book “I don’t want to turn 3” has conveyed a very good lesson to the parents and grandparents on how to instill the right state of mind in kids.

“The deepest craving of human nature is to be appreciated”, William James said. It is a child’s psychology to do more of what he gets appreciation for. Parents should teach their kids good manners like gratitude and helping others. When they show such behavior, they should appreciate and reward them with their favorite treats. In this way, they will feel a boost and motivation for doing such acts repeatedly. 

Contrary to that, if they adapt any negative attitude or commit any wrong act, instead of being rude and chiding them impolitely, parents should stop them by presenting the valid logic of not doing that again. In this way, kids will adapt polite behavior and refrain from making those mistakes again.

Parents can teach good morals and convey important life lessons to their kids by engaging them in specific activities depicting those morals. For example, if you want to teach them “Union is strength”, you can design a game with sticks. The model that a single stick is easy to break rather than a bunch of them. The effect of visual representation will last longer than the verbal lessons. 

The book” I do not want to turn 3” also taught us to convey a moral by an act. It is kids’ psychology to learn more through visuals than verbal communication. Parents and grandparents need to get involved with kids in their daily activities.

A parent or grandparent is a role model for a child. They should realize the importance of their acts and good habits. Children learn what they see. If the parents practice good eating and daily routine, kids will automatically follow them. 

Hence, family bonding, good communication, and encouragement are the key factors in a child’s good development and upbringing. If the basic code of life and set of manners is good, they will grow into a very impressive personality, for sure.

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