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Gramps Jeffrey Firebird Book Award Winner

Reading to a kid is the kind of habit that every parent or grandparent must adopt. “I Don’t Want to Turn 3”, is a book written by Gramps Jeffery, who himself is the proud dad of 4 kids and an extremely loving and caring grandfather to 6 grandchildren. His interest in writing a children’s book like “I Don’t Want to Turn 3” developed when he tried to understand how the world has evolved since he was 3 years old. With an incredible career as a businessman and an author, Gramps Jeffery has written a children’s book with a wonderful lesson in it

The plot of “I Don’t Want to Turn 3” revolves around the story of a 2-year-old boy turning 3 named Jordan. This story starts when he takes his cousin Jackson’s dinosaur toys, and when Jackson cries and whines about it, his mother tells him to let it go because Jordan is just 2 years old. Encouraged by that, Jordan steals his other cousin Levi’s Sea creatures while bathing with him and piles them up on Jackson’s dinosaur toys. Moving on to his little brothers’ toy trucks, he steals them as well to add it to his pile as his little brother naps.  Now that greed has taken over, he takes his cousin Grace’s dolls and adds them to his collection. The next thing that goes into his pile is his cousin Olivia’s dancing shoes. As Jordan turns 3, and is opening his birthday presents, Olivia comes and asks him why he is keeping her dancing shoes in his room. That is when every other stolen item is discovered. This then turns into a huge lesson of sharing their toys between these cousins guided by Jordan’s father. 

As they all learn this lesson, they decide to donate all of their toys, including Jordan’s new birthday presents. This story is extremely humorous and has a good moral ending. Kids nowadays are obsessed with not sharing their toys, which if not identified and corrected, becomes a negative aspect of their character as an adult. So, for the better upbringing of your child, you should read them books like this to ensure they learn a little something as they begin to mature. This book brings together the moral lesson with vibrant visual pictures as well. This makes the book much more interesting and makes it fun to read to your kids. Fascinated by the pictures, your kid will focus a bit more on the message of this book. 

Hitting two birds with one stone can happen here as you teach your children not only how to read but give them a social lesson about sharing their things as well. Teaching your child has many forms and if you can use a tool like reading to understand a life lesson in building a good character and how to fit into society, using a book like “I Don’t Want to Turn 3” is quite helpful. The storytelling method of this book supports the day in day out lessons every parent strives to pass on to their children. 

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