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“That’s Mine!” “I was playing with that!” These might be a couple of your toddler’s favorite catch phrases at the moment. The idea of letting someone else play with their toy is hard for toddlers to understand. We wanted to find books that explain that sharing can actually be fun or at least keep them out of the naughty corner. I Don’t Want to Turn 3 by Gramps Jeffrey explain that sharing can actually double the amount of fun because when they share their toys, other kids will be more likely to share with them in return. Gramps Jeffrey’s I Don’t Want to Turn 3  book is all about learning proper etiquette when it comes to sharing with friends. Kids will learn that sharing is caring and it can make someone’s day. This is a very funny book that will have your kids laughing while they are learning at the same time. The pictures are bright and colorful which kids are sure to love.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get young children to share with others and we need strategies to help them understand why it’s important – this book will help! There is lots to talk about in I Don’t Want to Turn 3 which makes this book ideal for starting conversations with children about why and how we share. It also includes a page of practical advice and tips for practitioners, parents and carers making it the perfect resource for supporting this essential life skill.

With positive language through the books, children will find them fun and likeable with joyful and inclusive illustrations to match. A highly recommended book to have in your Early Years setting or on the bookshelf at home.

A must read for sure!

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